With natural stone slabs coming in all shapes and sizes, it is very often the case that the slab you have fallen in love with may be slightly larger than what you need for your kitchen or bathroom project. Instead of changing your plan and settling for another, slightly smaller stone, think instead how you can incorporate the stone you adore in a unique way. After all, once you connect with your perfect stone, why not enjoy it further throughout your home? Read along to see a few of our favorite ways that you can give your beautiful new remnants life in another form.


Why not incorporate the extra stone from your kitchen countertops as additional storage? Shelving is one of the easiest ways to incorporate your remnants. Once the marble is cut to the appropriate size, it is easy to personalize and install.

Side Tables

If you find yourself with plenty of stone to spare you can try to create your own coffee table. By creating custom accent furniture, you will be able to transition your unique stone color scheme across different rooms.

Customized Objects

Turn the smaller pieces of remnants into cool edgy objects. Wall clocks, serving trays and candle holders are just some examples.


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