Soapstone (steatite) is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock made up of mineral deposits created by nature and quarried from the earth. The main mineral components in soapstone include talc, chlorite, dolomite and magnesite, giving a warm, soft feeling to the touch.

Soapstone, known as “original stone countertop,” is a very popular alternative to granite or marble. Many people are attracted to having soapstone as a countertop because of its soft feel. Soapstone comes in colors of blue, green and gray, and if mineral oil is applied consistently, it will bring out the color making it look older and much more elegant. Soapstone won’t etch from acids, and stains can be rubbed out easily. One of the drawbacks to soapstone is that it can easily scratch. Fortunately, because it is so soft, scratches can be sanded out fairly easily.