Spazio Marble & Granite Showroom Locations, Lake Worth and Palm City

Lake Worth
1905 10th Avenue North
Lake Worth, FL 33461
(561) 547-4788
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Palm City
4175 SW Martin Hwy
Palm City, FL 34990
(772) 463-1101
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North Palm Beach
7435 Central Industrial Drive - Suite B
Riviera Beach, FL 33404
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A distinct mineral, quartzite slabs are a relative newcomer to the natural stone market. Quartzites offer a brilliant range of colors, veining, and movement and can look like granite, marble, or a hybrid of both. Spazio only stocks the highest quality quartzites from all over the world. Check out our latest quartzite selection.

2cm Cristallo Rose 06824

3cm White Python 3535

3cm Exclusive White 3041

3cm Tahiti 05093-79

3cm Tajmahal 07169-200

3cm Blue Ocean 10458AG

3cm Sanibel 10217AG

3cm Tajmahal Leather 18.19

2cm Gulfstream 32790

3cm Utah Desert 33352

3cm Gulfstream 32790

3cm TajMahal 096257

2cm Dubois 54451

2cm Cristallo 10264

3cm Coral Cove 042367

3cm Siberian 9486

3cm Opus White 1875

3cm Cristallo Oro 1464

3cm Cape Cod 10102

2cm Tajmahal 198.18

3cm Tajmahal 1.19

3cm Opus White 32560

3cm Sea Pearl 1908

3cm Brown Silk 12932

3cm Pennock Point 10031470

2cm Taj Mahal 136

2cm Dolce Gabanna 2661

2cm Exclusive White 2568

2cm Cristallo Rosè 37

3cm Juno 10033490

2cm Borghini Gold 10031660

3cm Blanco Laura 2779

2cm Pacific 041153

3cm River Bend 043094

3cm Opus White 32560

3cm Gulfstream 1549