Spazio Marble & Granite Showroom Locations, Lake Worth and Palm City

Lake Worth
1905 10th Avenue North
Lake Worth, FL 33461
(561) 547-4788
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Palm City
4175 SW Martin Hwy
Palm City, FL 34990
(772) 463-1101
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North Palm Beach
7435 Central Industrial Drive - Suite B
Riviera Beach, FL 33404
(561) 345-3192
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Granite’s vivid natural color palette and near diamond-hard non-porous surface makes it the ideal material for countertops. Granite colors are near endless with a variety of different patterns of veins, specks and swirls. Spazio only stocks the highest quality Granite selection from all over the world. Check out our latest Granite Gallery for your next Project. 

3cm Viscount White 10022100

3cm Juparana Dream 12924

3cm White Fantasy 12905

3cm Extreme White 50960

3cm White Ice 46050

3cm Solarius 55570

3cm White Tiger 12179

3cm Copacabana 13023

3cm Vintage

3cm Zurich 3061

3cm Istanbul 3068

3cm River White 041865

3cm Avatar Blue 103800

3cm Wonder Blue 103100

3cm Bordeaux Dream 100942

3cm Everest 18380

3cm Nile River 27325

3cm Delicatus 30773

3cm Snow Fall 29218

3cm Salt Lake 29745

3cm Aquarius 9728

3cm Bordeaux River 9762

3cm Blue Flower 00519

3cm Alaska White 03586

3cm Typhoon Bordeaux 11055

3cm White Paradise 8169

3cm White Paradise 8170

3cm Tahiti Dream 10029220

2cm Azzure Blue 30238

3cm Aquarius 9433

3cm Lava Blue 9482

3cm Taupe White 9451

3cm Skyfall 2957

3cm Waterfall 12874

3cm Magma 2316

3cm Avatar Blue 2763

3cm Giallo Fiesta 8487

New Venetian Gold

3cm New Caledonia 29529/9248

3cm Crema Bordeaux 38960